Hello from a warm and tropical Mombasa, Kenya, Africa! Today, we want to highlight one of our projects here at Lighthouse! Encouraging the pastors of our 80+ churches that are scattered all over south eastern Kenya is an area that is near and dear to my heart.

The pastors often live in rural farming areas where it is difficult to make a living, so we help train them with “tent-making” jobs, like the Apostle Paul. As a mission, we help our pastors with getting their initial plot of land and help them build a church shelter so they have a place to meet.

Today’s project that reaches out to help our churches is our Pastors’ Kids Education Sponsorship Program. We recognize the importance of educating kids, and we want to help ease the burden by connecting YOU with one of these precious CHILDREN.

Come meet our kids on our website! Click here to see the children.  You can sponsor a child for just $40 monthly! Once you select a child (or a whole family!), you will receive an email with their pictures. You will also get updates three times a year on their progress in school.

Most of all you will have the satisfaction of helping a pastor of a Bible believing African church to educate his children and get a chance to give him a precious gift, the knowledge that as he struggles to grow a poor rural church,  he will not have to struggle to educate his children. I believe so much in this program that I have sponsored a child myself! Would you consider sponsoring one child or even a whole family?

-Pastor Tim Ghrist, Mission Field Partner