David Nthenge is one of the many children out of our Pastor’s Children Sponsorship Program here at Lighthouse. David is the son of Pastor Nthenge who shares the Word of God at a Lighthouse hub in Kenya . The Nthenge family is a big, joyful, God-loving family who wants what’s best for their children. Education is a very valuable thing that can launch these children into a brighter, better future. Unfortunately, big families equal big costs and most families can only afford to pay for the most promising children. This leaves the others at an unavoidable loss of opportunity. With our Pastor’s Children Sponsorship Program you can contribute towards a child like David. We have 28% of our Lighthouse Pastor’s children already sponsored, but we could use your help! For just $40 a month you can change a child’s life. Whether they’re a 6 year old little girl just starting out, or a 15 year old boy who’s struggling to finish, you can be the one who shows them God’s love and provision in their life.