Medical Specialists

Our GOAL is to have one volunteer doctor every month this year!  Will you be one of them?

The Lighthouse for Christ Eye Center and Mission has a long tradition of providing world-class eye care to the many thousands of patients who enter the front door each year. In order to provide our patients with the best possible care, we count on visiting volunteer doctors to come and teach our Kenyan national doctors new techniques, medical treatments, and technology. Our Kenyan national doctors are well-trained and highly skilled, but they are not always afforded the many educational opportunities experienced by doctors outside of Kenya. Subspecialty volunteers in Cornea, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Glaucoma, Oculoplastics and Retina can provide our doctors with new skills that can be put to use immediately. The Comprehensive ophthalmologist, optometrist, nurse, and technician can all find their skills highly utilized and appreciated during their stay at the Lighthouse Mission.

Most of our volunteers come to Mombasa for one or two weeks. There are opportunities to assist our staff and national doctors in the clinic, in the operating theater, and on outreach rural eye camps. We have very nice accommodations on our mission compound and we encourage volunteers to bring their families. Many of our medical volunteers will remain in Kenya after their time at the mission to go on Safari at the nearby Masai Mara game preserve. Prior to their trip, we encourage all of our volunteers to speak with one of our experienced volunteer doctors via phone to gain valuable information on what to expect while in Mombasa. We look forward to having your join us in our mission to “heal physical and spiritual blindness on the East Coast of Africa.” You will be blessed.

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Experience Lighthouse

Come and serve, but also plan some time to get to know Kenya- through safari, the ocean or other opportunities! Ask our Kenya Mission staff for ideas on how to make your trip memorable. Contact Maggie Ghrist for info.

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next steps....

We would love for you to stay involved through more trips, bringing out a church group, or partnering financially with our Blind Children’s Fund or sponsoring one of our pastors’ children.

Volunteer Needs

Our current needs for volunteer doctors are in subspecialty areas such as Pediatric, Retina, Oculoplasty and Glaucoma. Cornea subspecialists are also needed to review difficult cases, teach new techniques and identify areas of growth. Cataract surgeons are always welcome to help us review and operate on the regular cases that we see. We only have one full-time ophthalmologist right now and can use the help. Other needs are equipment servicing and repair by technicians, theater nurse volunteers to streamline our theater protocols and optometrists to strengthen refractions skills of our staff.

Director of Volunteers

Our stateside Director of Volunteers is Dr. Larry Kenney, an ophthalmologist at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania. Please feel free to contact him with any questions using the form below.

Volunteer Coordinator for Medical Specialists

Our Stateside Volunteer Coordinator is Linda Ellis.  She has been an integral part of Lighthouse for over 20 years.  Contact her for questions regarding logistics and travel details.