Fellowship of Churches

The first Lighthouse church was started by Dr. Bill Ghrist, and was called “Church on the Roof” as it was located above  the original eye clinic. Today, Lighthouse has reached an amazing milestone of 105 established and starter churches in our fellowship of churches that have been planted along the coast of Kenya. We strongly believe in training and mentoring our pastors as they plant churches in their local communities. Many of our church plants are born out of offshoots of a “mother” church, through the process of discipleship.

At this time, we have 35 established churches, that have at least 30 adult members and a well-trained pastor and elders. The other 55+ churches are starter churches that start out meeting under a tree, then build a stick and mud structure and then build tin and wood “shelters” that serve as community centers, schools and a meeting place on Sunday. Our church teams that come out to build churches help build these shelters. Once a church is established, the members work together to make concrete blocks for a permanent, concrete structure.

Every year, we host volunteer teams from the States that come do pastor conferences, women’s conferences, and youth leadership conferences to pour into our church leadership. Our local youth leadership also puts on an annual Youth Camp for 300 of our Lighthouse youth.