Bible Institute

Our Lighthouse Bible Institute was started in 1987 by Rev. Tim Ghrist, who had a passion for teaching and training up young pastors to be discipled and plant churches in their communities. We can now train up to 40 men a year through our one-year program. These students consist of young high school graduates, rural pastors that want more formal training, and young women interested in leadership in women’s ministry. We have around 8 teachers consisting of local pastors and missionaries.

What We Teach:

  • Personal Growth and Discipleship
  • New Testament and Doctrine
  • Ministry Skills
  • English
  • Trade skills

 What’s next for our Bible Students?

Once our students graduate, we send them back to their churches to use what they have learned to pour back into their church. If they are interested in further training, we help them attend the next one-year course called the Bible Training for Church Pastors, which is based locally. Again, once they have applied this to their churches, we help them attend Vipingo Crossroads Bible College for 2 years, and they will have become well-trained pastors to teach and shepherd their flocks well.