Pastors Kids Education Sponsorship!


Sign up today at $40 a month to sponsor one of our Pastors’ precious kids so they can go to school!

The Lighthouse Pastors mostly live in rural farming areas where it is difficult to make a living, so we help them in several ways: we train them with “tent-making” jobs (like the Apostle Paul), we help our Pastors with getting a plot of land, and help them build a church shelter so they have a place to meet.

Our new project that reaches out to help our churches is our Pastors’ Kids Education Sponsorship Program. We recognize the importance of educating kids, and we want to help ease the burden by connecting YOU with one of these CHILDREN

Scroll down to see our children that need to be sponsored! When you donate, PLEASE include the pastor and the child you wish to sponsor in the “comments” section.
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Pastor Joseph Mutuku


Daniel-16-(7th Grade)

Ester-7 (2nd Grade)

David-6(1st Grade)






Pastor Simon Kalume


Nuru-15 (9th Grade)

Sara-12 (5th Grade)

Dorcas-8 (2nd Grade)






Pastor Sammy Ngwatu


Emanuel-10(4th Grade)

Mary-7( 2nd Grade)







Pastor Nahashon Wesa


Kaoline-18(12th Grade)

Sophi-16(8th Grade)

Doris-13(6th Grade)



Naomi-5( Kindergarden)




Pastor Steven Mtsunga


Happy-14 (9th Grade)

Glorious-9( 3rd Grade)

Gifti-6 (Kindergarden)





Pastor Justice Muia


Ruth-19(10th Grade)

Alpha-18(9th Grade)

Abigael-14(7th Grade)

Miriam-13(6th Grade)

Peter-11( 4th Grade)





Pastor Jonathan Mweni

 Andrew-20 ( 9th Grade )

Rose-18 ( 8th Grade)

Emanuel-16 (8th Grade)

Naomi-13 (7th Grade)

Mercy-10 (2nd Grade)

Joy-8 (1st Grade)

Purity-5 (Kindergarden)




Pastor Joseph Mwakwasha


Purity 10 (4th Grade)








Pastor Bernard & Prisca  Munyalo



Joshua -18 (12th Grade)








Pastor Samuel & Ester Kisilu


Amani-15(8th Grade)

Baraka-13(7th Grade)






Pastor Onesmus Masela



Japheth-9 (4th Grade)

Joy-5 (Kindergarden)






Pastor James & Amina Kimondo


Paul-14(10th Grade)

Caroline-10(3rd Grade)

Isac-8(2nd Grade)






Pastor Joseph & Mercy Wandati


Antoinette-16(11th Grade)

Linda-12(7th Grade)

Emanuel-7(3rd Grade)





Pastor Katsikali


Linda-15(9th Grade)








Pastor Jared Okeno


Timothy-16(11th Grade)







Pastor Joseph & Selina Ndegwa


Joseph-18(11th Grade)

Grace-14(7th Grade)

Peninah-13(6rd Grade)

Jeroboam-9(3rd Grade)




Pastor Jacob & Safina Mdoe


Eunice-12(6th Grade)

Lennox-10(5th Grade)

Emmanuel-9(3rd Grade)

Pricer-8(1st Grade)





Pastor Oscar & Purity Thoya


Wisdom-5(1st Grade)

Wise-4( Kindergarden)







Pastor Emmanuel & Prisca Safari


Daudi-18(10th Grade)

Linda-12(7th Grade)

Emanuel-7(3rd Grade)






Pastor Alfred & Celestine Chammwa



Edwin-12(6th Grade)

Hare-11( 5th Grade)

Unda-8(1st Grade)






Pastor Moses & Charlotte Chiriba


Joel-18(10th Grade)

Eunice-15(8th Grade)

Esther-13(5th Grade)

Salome-12(4th Grade)

Abigail-9(2nd Grade)




Pastor James & Christine Sherif


Emanuelle-11(6th Grade)









Pastor Wilson & Agnes Combo


Moses-18(10th Grade)

Mercy-15(8th Grade)

Grace-12(6th Grade)

Schleti-9(2nd Grade)





Pastor Julius & Christine Menza





Rebecca-18(12th Grade)






Pastor Douglas & Esther Lewa


Gladys-18(7th Grade)

Joseph-17(9th Grade)

John-16(8th Grade)

Jackson-14(7th Grade)

Janet-13(4th Grade)

Esther-13(4th Grade)

Daniel-10(2nd Grade)

Florence-9(First Grade)




Pastor Jackson & Cathrine


Mercy-11(6th Grade)

Mary-10(5th Grade)

Eunice-8(3rd Grade)