Out in the red sand of Voi’s farmland, Pastor Daniel and his family of 6 planted a new church from a Lighthouse Hub. When he first began teaching the Word of God to his community, 20 or more people would huddle under the makeshift shack they called their place of worship. In the rainy season, the tiny shelter was unable to keep people warm and dry. Showing continued growth, Pastor Daniel was able to be scheduled for the next step: a church build in conjunction with an American Church family.  This family was Grace Community Church from Tyler, Texas. They sent the necessary funds and a team of 3 men to combine forces with Lighthouse and construct a building for the growing church. Pastor Daniel, his wife, and his 4 children were overjoyed with this gift. He is proud of his church and its growth. He thanks Lighthouse, its sponsors, and the Grace Community church for making this possible.