Rashid Adhan is a 62 year old Somali Kenyan man who has been visually impaired for the past 14 years. He was completely blind in both eyes for eight of those years. He knew about Lighthouse Hospital because he used to stay in Mombasa when he worked in a hotel as a waiter. Now, years later he had to figure out a way back to Mombasa and to Lighthouse. His nieces finally agreed to travel with him and lead the way. Once he arrived, he received a corneal transplant in the right eye. Unfortunately his left eye could not be fixed. Even though his sight was only restored in one eye, he was overjoyed to see the world again. He even offered his surgeon one of his goats! Without his sight, Rashid felt dead inside. He missed his 6 children growing up, the birth of his most recent son, and the ability to take care of his family and animals. Now that he has a second chance with sight, he would like to continue to grow his family. Rashid thanks Lighthouse for all they are doing for everyone here in Kenya.