Jackson Mumo is one of the young men here at Lighthouse for Christ’s Bible School. He is originally from Mariakani where his faith was sparked by his aunt and pastor. Growing up, his aunt always encouraged him to attend church. One day, he woke up and decided to give it a try. There he met the pastor that introduced him to the Lighthouse for Christ Bible School. Since then, Jackson has been learning the Word of God, how we are saved, and how much Jesus loves us. Jackson is now a strong believer and would like to further his career in the Bible and become a pastor. He says he is willing to go wherever God takes him. As for his experience with the Bible School, he says “It is good all the time.” And if he were to pass along any advice to his friends in Mariakani, it would be, “Everything we do is with the Lord Christ. We need him every time, every morning, every hour, in Jesus.”