These are the words of a mother, desperate to find healing for her 4-year old son, Darington. From the time time he was 6 months old, she had noticed the white spots in his eyes that are common with cataracts but did not know the cause or have a solution. They tried clinic after clinic, treatment after treatment, and nothing helped. Once she came to Lighthouse, her son was diagnosed with cataracts and she admitted to our staff that she felt like the odds were against her. Nothing had worked out so far and she was so frustrated, and full of sadness and fear for the quality of her son’s life. After a two-hour surgery, little Darington could see. She went from hopelessness to experiencing joy for her son’s future, as she looks forward to him starting school this year. She is incredibly grateful to the Lighthouse staff, for their professional expertise in physical healing, and to their encouragement to trust God that He has a plan for each and every child.