How beautiful is a long and lasting legacy.  Dr. Bill Ghrist led us here at Lighthouse from 1969-1983.  His son, Tim took over after Bill’s death in ’83.  Today we have the bittersweet blessing of honoring Tim and Toni as they step down from Mission Director to Field Partners.  How inspired many thousands have been as we have watched their love for each other and for the lost here in Mombasa.

We now welcome their son, Josh Ghrist, as our new Mission Director!  A third-generation missionary is a rare treasure that speaks volumes about the faithfulness of our God and the Ghrists who have served before.  Josh and his wife Maggie have been married for 14 years and have 3 sons.  Matthew is 11, Caleb is 9 and Jordan is 7.  They have been serving as Field Partners here at Lighthouse for 11 years and are excited for this new step.