Serah was left alone 20 years ago when her husband died.  With no nearby children or relatives to support her, she was relegated to the fringes, selling charcoal on the side of the road.  When something lodged in her eye, all seemed lost as her vision dimmed.  She felt rejected, abandoned, alone.

Praise be to God, a Lighthouse Outreach Camp made plans to travel to her village!  The Lighthouse doctors would be able to perform a sight-saving surgery on Serah at such a low cost that even she could afford it!  Her experience was more than just a successful surgery.  For the first time in a long time, Serah was welcomed with open arms.  She felt valuable and loved… and seen.

Serah is one of thousands who have had their very livelihoods returned to them with their vision.  We praise God together for these many blessings… who will be next?