Build a Church


Because we partner with the local church body, professional construction experience is NOT REQUIRED!  If you can travel out to the bush for a day, swing a hammer and be flexible with bathroom facilities, you can help build a church.  Just bring your willing heart and helping hands.

The size of the team can range from 3-8 people. You will be working alongside one of missionaries, as well as one of our local pastor builders. Several church members from the area will probably come along and join in the work, as well as some interested kids if school is not in session.

We ask that each team bring a few tool belts equipped with hammer, pencils, a square, a tape measure and some screws. You will be using power tools, so if your team can donate a couple batteries or a new tool (we can let you know what we are needing), then it keeps our supplies here in good working order.

Clothing: It’s hot and the sun burns,  so men, wear shorts or pants and a shirt that gives good coverage. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen and good shoes. Women can build too! They should plan to wear long pants/jeans/capris  and t-shirts while building.

Cost Info

Our current cost for building a fledgling church building is $5,500.  Additional expenses are for room and board while in Kenya. If the church build is close enough to travel to and from Lighthouse each day, the cost is $50 per person, per day.  If the church build is farther away, you may be staying at a lodge or hotel. This expense is usually around $100 per person, per day.


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