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Doctor Diaries

“ It is patients like these that have continued to drive my passion to set up Cornea services...”

—Dr. Frederick Korir, MD, Medical Director

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Director's Desk

“Our new project that reaches out to help our churches is our Pastors’ Kids Education Sponsorship Program. We recognize the importance of educating kids, and we want to help ease the burden by connecting YOU with one of these precious CHILDREN.”

—Pastor Tim Ghrist, Mission Director

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Volunteers' Views

“Our most memorable patient was a 9 month old baby girl, who was born with cloudy corneas and glaucoma in both eyes. I was able to provide the child with a new cornea in her right eye, and Dr. Smith performed glaucoma surgery in her left eye. Both surgeries were successful and this child now has at least a fighting chance to see. ”

—Dr. Bowman, Corneal Specialist

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We are constantly posting news about the great things God is doing in the coastal region of Kenya through Lighthouse. We organize a variety of events to help people learn about how to get involved in this great mission.

  • World Glaucoma Week

    Lighthouse will be participating in a  collaborative project with the World Glaucoma Association to create awareness that glaucoma is a chronic disease that can best be managed with regular checkups. We are looking forward to screening patients and passing out some fun t-shirts and hats!

  • Pastors Kid Education Sponsorship!

    Hello from a warm and tropical Mombasa, Kenya, Africa! Today, I’m excited to announce a new project of Lighthouse! Encouraging our 80+ churches that are scattered all over south eastern Kenya is an area that is near and dear to my heart. The pastors often live in rural farming areas where it is difficult to…

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    Volunteers’ Views

    This past June, my colleague Dr. Tosin Smith and I had a wonderful week at the Lighthouse for Christ Mission in Mombasa, Kenya.   This was my sixth trip to the mission over the past 16 years, and the first trip to Mombasa for Dr. Smith.   Dr. Matende had prepared for our arrival by…

  • Another great year at Lighthouse!

    We are pleased to report that our mission is strong and continues to accomplish a great work in East Africa. Our staff and doctors in Mombasa are highly skilled, hard-working, and committed to the ongoing mission of “healing spiritual and physical blindness on the east coast of Africa”. Watch for 2016 final statistics! Download Our…

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Our Work

Meet Sam

I knew God had a plan for my life, but I was afraid to commit to overseas mission work. I kept running into Linda Ellis, our Executive Secretary for Lighthouse at every eye meeting I attended. A few years ago at one such meeting I said to her, “I wonder if God is trying to tell me something?” She said, “What do you think?” Since then, I’ve volunteered three times at the Eye Centre in Kenya and now serve on the Board of Directors. It has literally changed my life! Careful, it will change yours too.

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