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Doctor Diaries

“Today I saw an elderly man brought in by his two sons. We did cataract surgery on his right eye last year. He laughed with joy describing how he could now thread a needle! He offered me a camel as a token of appreciation. Unfortunately, I have no-where to keep him! We will operate on his left eye this week. Seeing such joy keeps me serving!”

—Dr. Frederick Korir, MD, Medical Director

The Daktari Project

Director's Desk

“I feel humbled to help lead one of the best non-profits in East Africa: serving the blind and disadvantaged, meeting their physical needs, and leading them towards Christ. I'm excited about the future of Lighthouse, getting more people involved through volunteering and financially investing in something of Kingdom value! ”

—Josh Ghrist, Mission Director


Volunteers' Views

“Coming back to the Lighthouse has been a great experience - the clinical teams are so encouraged to receive training and teaching, and it is humbling to witness the breadth of care that is possible despite the limited resources. And to top everything is the knowledge that the Lord Jesus is central to everything that is done at Lighthouse. ”

—Howard Bunting, Pediatric Opthalmic Surgeon

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Shubi’s Coconuts

Shubi came to Lighthouse at the age of 77.  As is the custom here, he had two wives and five children, and he was the main provider for them all.  He lost his job a year before coming, due to his vision loss.  Thankfully, a friend had seen a Lighthouse advertisement poster and told Shubi…

Sunday’s Story

Sunday is a little boy who developed a cataract before he got the chance to learn how to read.  His parents brought him to Lighthouse and, thanks to YOUR donations to the Blind Children’s Fund, he was able to have the surgery to restore his sight.  Soon after, he was able to start school and…

East Texas Giving Day!!!

Mark your calendars!  Set a reminder!  In exactly one week, East Texas is celebrating GIVING DAY!  Our goal is to raise at least $2,500 for our Blind Children Fund.  Our awesome Board has agreed to MATCH FUNDS if we meet our goal!  We desperately need you. So next Tuesday, April 24th, visit easttexasgivingday.org, search for…

Pediatric Surgeon Training

Hard to believe this was already six years ago.  Saw things I could never understand without being there.  Watched God’s work being done up close.  The trip of a lifetime.

Jeff Stager, with Dr. David Stager

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