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Advice Before You Come to Kenya

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You can use your credit card at any reputable grocery store, restaurant, or beach hotel. If you bring cash, bring bills that are NOT older than 3 years, to get the best rate in exchange. Carry US Dollars or a credit card with you while you are travelling, as you never know when you might need money. It’s wise to notify your banks that you are travelling.


Mosquitos in Mombasa potentially carry malaria. We advise you take a malaria profilaxis, bug repellent for skin, and use a mosquito net at night. Mosquitos bite the most in the early morning and evening hours.

Sun protection

The sun is intense here as we are close to the equator. Certain malaria preventatives also can make you more susceptible to burning. Bring sunblock or a hat, especially if you are outside or at the beach in the middle of the day.


When you are working at Lighthouse proper attire is scrubs or semi-casual attire. This means long pants and a shirt with a collar for men. For women, we recommend a skirt or long pants, keeping your shoulders covered. When visiting town, wear the same modest clothing as there is a large percentage of the population is Muslim. If you are going to the beach hotel, you are free to wear normal beach attire, and you can wear whatever you want, within reason. If you go to Nyali, City Mall, restaurants, or the park long short or capris and sleeveless tops are ok.

Be Willing to Let God Move You

You are already allowing God to bring you to Africa. We recommend you come ready to let God do amazing things which may take you out of your comfort zone, stretch your skill set, or upset your carefully planned schedule. We guarantee you will be blessed if you keep your heart inclined to His during this time.

How Can Family Get involved?

We strongly encourage our volunteers to bring their families along, as the shared experience can really bring the family together.

If you are interested in hearing about some of the service opportunities for non-medical family members, you can contact Josh Ghrist, the Assistant Mission Director.

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Once you have booked your travel, here are a few resources you should review.

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Direct Contact
lawrence e kenney mdOur stateside Director of Volunteers is Dr. Larry Kenney, an ophthalmologist at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania. Please feel free to contact him with any questions.