Non-Medical Volunteers

Two of the ministries of Lighthouse are the Bible Institute and the Fellowship of Churches. Jesus commanded us to “go and make disciples” and through short-term mission trips, we can pour into our discipleship program through conferences held throughout the year, and helping to build churches that also serve as community centers for our church body.
As we strive to partner with our local churches, short-term trips offer the benefit of focused training and relationship-building. We believe the friendships formed between our volunteers and church members helps the donors understand the Kenyan people and their challenges better. Conversely, our Kenyan churches understand the heart behind our donors, through their willingness to teach and help build alongside the local church leadership and members. We believe in working together and serving together and building long-lasting relationships.

Build a Church

Lighthouse is busy teaching and training new pastors, so we have many young churches in need of a shelter that is sturdier than the mud hut or tree where they are currently worshiping.  We welcome building teams of around 5 members who can come for a week, spend 3 days at a build site and the rest of the time they can get to know the ministry of Lighthouse and the area of Mombasa.  The teams provide the funds for each church shelter, which is about $5,500.  It is a very exciting time to be able to help the church body build their shelter so the community can worship together on Sunday!

Hold a Conference

The Lighthouse for Christ now has over 80 established churches and preaching points. Pastor conferences, Bible School conferences, and Pastor’s Wives Conferences are trainings that are always needed.  Visitors can also spend time pouring into and mentoring young pastors.
Larger conferences typically run 3 days and smaller pastoral trainings can go up to a week.

Youth Training

Another one of the groups we want to pour into with training is our youth leaders. Every year, they host a youth camp for around 300 kids from Lighthouse churches. Through training, we can reinforce Scriptural wisdom, teach new games, and deepen the bond between the leaders in our youth program and our supporting churches.

Direct Contact
lawrence e kenney md

Director of Volunteers

Our stateside Director of Volunteers is Dr. Larry Kenney, an ophthalmologist at Eye Consultants of Pennsylvania. Please feel free to contact him with any questions.

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