Because of his miserable family situation, Baraka had to drop out of school to get a job to support his family. The neighboring Shaurimoyo Lighthouse pastor would stop by his house for over 5 years sharing Jesus with him. During one of those visits he prayed to receive Christ! Seeing Baraka’s desire to grow in…


Before she gave her heart to Christ, Zipporah attended a local Lighthouse church to please her parents. Eventually she decided to make Jesus Christ her personal Savior and can see God daily changing her life. Zipporah is currently a first-year student at Lighthouse Bible Institute where she is learning how to share with others how…

Shipping Update

Did you know? We ship export by sea one-two times per year medical equipment, supplies and other items. The Maersk Columbus, which set sail last week from Houston, is on it’s 6-week journey to Mombasa for Lighthouse Mission! We filled up a 40′ container!

Bush Community Excursion

Did you know that each week a small eye camp team will travel 1-3 hours from Lighthouse into a bush community to screen for eye disease and disorders? Some may just need a pair of reading glasses or eye drops. Those that can benefit from cataract or other surgery are transported to our eye center.

Eye Bank Blessings!

As many of our readers will know, Lighthouse has been blessed to have a few corneal surgeons visit regularly over the years, acting as their own “pack mule” by transporting donor corneas in their carry-on baggage. As you can imagine, this can make for interesting situations when there is need for additional ice or the…